Diversify your farm-risk management strategy with Cardinal Ethanol and JSA Select

Cardinal Ethanol is proud to partner with John Stewart and Associates with pricing program, JSA Select

Work directly with your Cardinal Ethanol grain buyer to enroll bushels in JSA Select. John Stewart and Associates, a trusted third-party marketing/advisory service will work on your behalf to price futures on your bushels. With Cardinal Ethanol and JSA Select, you can diversify your grain marketing strategy on a portion of your bushels and receive market information to help you benchmark your marketing plan.

About JSA Select

JSA Select Pricing™ is a third-party marketing program designed to assist producers in their grain marketing efforts through Cardinal Ethanol. In this program, JSA is tasked with the responsibility of setting the futures price for a producer’s forward cash contract. The marketing tool diversifies the decision-making process with the goal of capturing the best futures price on enrolled bushels. 

Benefits of JSA Select

  1. FULL TRANSPARENCY is included with weekly pricing updates, trade notifications and open positions available on the JSA mobile app.
  2. Disciplined execution for a fixed bushel volume and defined delivery windows
  3. Fee collected by Cardinal Ethanol at settlement. No margin or hedge accounts required for farmers
  4. No minimum volume requirements 
  5. 100% of bushels will be priced (no double-up or knock-out structures)

Program details

Available for corn and soybeans within a delivery window where JSA is responsible for establishing the futures price within a specified pricing period. Cash grain contracts are written with your Cardinal Ethanol grain buyer.

  • Must be signed up by January 31st
  • Pricing window begins February 1st.
  • Fall price finalized August 31st.
  • Winter price finalized December 31st.
  • Summer price finalized May 31st.
  • Year 2 Fall program prices from February 1, 2024 - August 31, 2025.

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About John Stewart and Associates

John Stewart and Associates (JSA) is a privately held agriculture trading company dedicated to helping our clients hedge risk from price volatility by developing strategies and recommendations using futures, options only. JSA serves grain elevator companies, ethanol and food processors, feed manufacturers, livestock feeders, and merchandisers throughout the United States.

JSA principals and commercial brokers bring vital insight to the decision-making process, having held key positions in commercial grain businesses where they were responsible for trading, hedging strategies, margin management, logistics and procurement.

JSA Select Pricing™

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